The Local Property Expert
With Over 35 Years Experience

What I Do

I stick to a proven effective series of steps to make sure I secure the perfect property for my clients at the best possible price.

The following will give you a basic idea of how the property finding process works.

We arrange a comprehensive initial consultation so we can exactly determine your requirements.

In an ideal world I would like to arrange a face-to-face meeting to obtain the most detailed brief. However, my clients are usually busy people and based abroad, so this is not usually possible. In the event we cannot meet face-to-face, we will arrange a series of calls to find out the purpose and intent of your purchase. It is important I know if you wish to relocate permanently to Spain, if you are looking for a second holiday home, if you want to buy to let, or if you are looking for an investment opportunity.

During the initial consultation, I will ask you basic questions like how many bedrooms and bathrooms you require and if you want a private property or to be part of a communal setting. I’ll also have more tailored queries such as which nearby local amenities you consider important. I’ll want to know if you are looking for a peaceful environment or if you prefer to be in a lively location, and how important it is to you to be among your fellow expats.

Additionally, I will need to know your budget, if you require financing, and once that is determined I am able to narrow my search and focus on realistically suitable properties.

I tailor a complete brief detailing your requirements.

This step is important; as I need to make sure I include every point you have mentioned in the brief as I will refer to it constantly during the property search.

I research hundreds of properties within suitable areas and analyse the merits of each one according to the brief.

Since the property market in Spain crashed in 2009, there have been a deluge of properties on the market. While this gives purchasers excellent buying power and a huge choice of properties to choose from, wading through potential homes that meet the criteria can be overwhelmingly time-consuming. My local expertise helps me to get this job done fairly quickly, and once potential areas are established, I research what is available therein, and come up with a shortlist for your approval that only includes properties I am positive will exactly meet your requirements. Until this shortlist is completed, there is no reason for you to waste time or money to travel to Spain.

When the shortlist is drawn up, we arrange a fully chaperoned visit which can last one day or several days, depending on the number of properties to view and your available time.

I understand your time is important, and coming to Spain to view properties may take up days that could be spent working in your business or attending to family matters. I consult you on the number of days you want to spend viewing properties and make all arrangements with key holders or agents so you can view as many properties as possible within your designated time frame without any unnecessary waiting around or aggravations.

When you decide you would like to purchase one of the properties I have shown you, I’ll devise a strategy for negotiation.

In the likely event you choose to buy one of the properties you have viewed, it is time for me to devise an effective negotiating strategy to secure the best possible price on the home.

I negotiate for the best possible price on your behalf

As a foreigner discussing with a Spanish estate agent, you are unlikely to make a lot of progress when trying to negotiate a good deal on your desired property. I have knowledge that has been acquired in three decades of buying and selling properties in the Javea region and for that reason am able to make an excellent case against any advertised asking price and typically get the price lowered by around four times the fee I charge my clients. While I cannot guarantee this will be the outcome, I do guarantee to secure you a significantly lower price on any property you have seen advertised.

I organise an English-speaking solicitor or lawyer who will ensure the deeds to the property are entirely legal and in order

Before you can purchase a property in Spain there are certain papers you need to acquire such as a NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) number. This is a Spanish tax identification number allotted by the authorities to foreigners. This is a simple process for a EU national, but not so simple if you’re located abroad, and I will deal with this requirement and other paperwork on your behalf.

While I make sure all your paperwork is in order to proceed with the sale, a local trusted solicitor will go over the deeds with a fine tooth comb to certify every aspect of the property is completely legal, and also confirm that there are no outstanding debts related to the property which could be passed to a new owner.

I direct and finalise the sales process and arrange a date at your convenience with the notary office and all parties needed to be present to complete the sale.

You let me know the date you would like to complete and I will arrange for all concerned participants to be present at your preferred time and secure a time slot at the notary office.